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VisualDx to expand, add 21 jobs in Rochester

A local medical high-tech company is expanding and adding jobs. The company is called VisualDx and it’s been around since 1999. They design software used to help diagnose various medical conditions. Now, the firm plans to add  21 jobs in Rochester while retaining 39 others. VisualDx will lease an additional 5,000 square feet at its current location …
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ROC Game Devs want to change the city


The hum of computer fans echoes in the open, white-concrete structure of RIT’s MAGIC Center. People sit in small groups at long white tables scattered around the room, hunched over glowing laptop screens, sketchbooks, and greasy paper plates. There are maybe 30 of them – some in their late teens, a few possibly late 40’s …
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High angle image of female doctor analyzing lung X-Ray on digital tablet. The doctor is sitting at desk. The focus is on the tablet PC in her hands at clinic.

Dr. Art Papier, CEO & Co-Founder Location: 339 East Ave., Upper East End Founded: 1999 Website: Headquartered in Rochester, VisualDx’s team of physicians, educators, medical librarians, artists, and computer engineers have developed the leading clinical decision support system now used at over 1,500 hospitals and half the world’s top medical schools. Frontline health care …
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RIT Center for Urban Entrepreneurship (CUE)


Ebony Miller, Interim Director Location: 40 Franklin St., Midtown District Founded: 2012 Target Market: Existing urban entrepreneurs and those hoping to launch a new business in the urban area; residence in incubator open to Finger Lakes Region residents interested in starting a business. Website: Located on the first floor of the historic former Rochester …
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Natcore Technology


Chuck Provini, President, CEO & Director Location: 189 N. Water St., St. Paul Qtr. Founded: 2009 Website: Natcore Technology is a research and development company pioneering solar cells with improved efficiency and reduced cost. Natcore scientists – among the most renowned in the solar community – have completely rethought the way solar cells are …
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HTR Business Accelerator Cooperative


Jim Senall, President Location (by early 2017): 6th Fl., Sibley Bldg., Midtown District Founded: 1987 Target Market: Residence in incubator mostly for tech startups with scalable technology; other entrepreneur support services (e.g., video conferencing network, workshops) open to all startups. Website: The extraordinary concept for the new HTR Business Accelerator Cooperative is to create …
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DATTO, Diagram Photo

Austin McChord, CEO & Founder Location: 40 Franklin St., Midtown District Founded: 2007 Website: Datto, Inc., is a Connecticut-based company that provides products and services for hybrid cloud business continuity and disaster recovery. Datto’s state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure protects businesses from downtime, even when physical hardware has been destroyed. For business relying on their …
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Darkwind Media

DARKWIND MEDIA, Wulverblade-Promo-Art (2)

Colin Doody, President & Founder Location: 40 Franklin St., Midtown District Founded: 2007 Website: Darkwind Media is an independent game studio and consultant agency offering contracting services for low level engine porting, game porting, and unique IP creation. They create their own games, help other game developers with theirs, and bring game technology to other industries –  designing, debugging …
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D4, Company Photo

John Holland, Founder & CEO Location: 222 Andrews St., St. Paul Qtr. Founded: 1997 Website: D4, headquartered in Rochester, is a leading International provider of managed data and discovery services to law firms and corporations. The company’s state-of-the-art data center and global operations are complemented by electronic discovery and litigation support offices throughout the …
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CloudSmartz, Inc.

CLOUDSMARTZ, Building Top Shot - preferred, 2-5-16

Dan Wagner, Co-Founder & CEO Location: 2100 First Federal Plaza, Four Corners Founded: 2012 Website: Headquartered in Rochester, CloudSmartz, Inc. is a global IT services company providing solutions for unique business problems through their broad range of capabilities that offer superior customer experience using innovative, agile technical solutions. CloudSmartz consults, develops, and manages a …
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