HTR Business Accelerator Cooperative

Jim Senall, President
Location (by early 2017): 6th Fl., Sibley Bldg., Midtown District
Founded: 1987
Target Market: Residence in incubator mostly for tech startups with scalable technology; other entrepreneur support services (e.g., video conferencing network, workshops) open to all startups.

The extraordinary concept for the new HTR Business Accelerator Cooperative is to create a complete startup ecosystem – all under one roof. It opens in early 2017, and will include coaches and mentors, legal and accounting resources, marketing and HR expertise, and offices for venture capital fund representatives. The physical space will be amazing too – a prototyping lab with 3-D printing capability; wet labs for biotech, chemical and medical devices developments; a digital studio to create podcasts, blogs, videos, and audio recordings for product demonstrations and online marketing; video conferencing capability for virtual meetings with potential investors, partners and customers; and the central hub for a new regional video conferencing network. Construction is about to begin on the Sibley Building’s sixth floor, right in the center of the Downtown Innovation Zone and adjacent to both RIT’s Center for Urban Entrepreneurship and the proposed Photonics Training Center & Incubator.