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Downtown is walkable, driveable, bikeable, rideable, and sits in the heart of our region’s transportation infrastructure.  It connects idea people with a variety of lifestyles and offers:

  • Clusters of innovative and creative firms and enterprises
  • Vertical neighborhoods in cool, historic and modern structures
  • Intimate neighborhoods steeped with character
  • Work-live lofts nestled with 6,100 downtown residents
  • Walkable, culture-rich environment
  • Center of the region’s public transportation network

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Downtown Rochester is everybody’s neighborhood. Incomes vary, traditional and nontraditional families live as neighbors, and it attracts Millenials, Boomers, and retirees. It’s where the many sub-cultures of Rochester come together. And unlike some of the larger east coast cities, our short commute times and lower cost of living make Rochester super attractive for young talent and families; which is why bringing your business to Rochester’s Downtown Innovation Zone is a smart move.

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